Szczecin Philharmonic Hall by Estudio Barozzi Veiga

During the Second World War, the traditional ‘Konzerthaus’ was destroyed by military operations. The new Philharmonic Hall brings back the lost function to the site, underlining the corner and accentuating the cultural heart of the city.
The new building completes the existing tourist route and revitalizes the city centre. It is a contemporary icon, a new ‘cathedral’ for the city. The architectural expression of the project is a continuation of the historic heritage of the region: the sheer roofs and distinct vertical divisions of neighborhood residential buildings, neo gothic adornment, monumentality and verticality of Szczecin´s churches. The project finds a balance between mass and verticality. The building consists of many small-scale elements which all together create one impressive totality, perfectly cooperating with the place where it is situated. The glass façade reflects the impressions of the city, and changes with year’s and day’s seasons.
During the day is the building appears as a shiny object in front of the grey city background. In the night it becomes a spectacular bright lighted cathedral.

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