The Endor Project by Benjamin Antony Monn

Just as in the serial works of Bernd and Hilla Becher, Monns’ photography provides an objective inventory of these buildings. However, in contrast to the Bechers, Benjamin Monns does not filter out the context of these functional buildings – that is, their natural environment. His photography puts the building and the environment into the picture on equal terms. They document without making any value judgements. This is left to the observer. On the one hand, the observer can clearly see how devastatingly humans have attacked nature with their architecture, disregarded it and in the meantime destroyed it. On the other hand, these constructions also reflect at the same time the industrial and technical development of their times. In the sense of a historical document, they provide a record of the engineering techniques of their particular epoch. This means that dams tell the story of the early days of creating electrical current, surveillance posts and radio installations bring to mind the Cold War, solar installations look to the future of renewable energy.

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