New Headquarters Fashion Label Marc Cain by Hank + Hirth Freie Architekten

The modern and noble structure with its façade of white ALUCOBOND® and glass, a light-flooded atrium of 13 meter height with a glass roof, a show room and staff canteen spans on a floor of 12000 m² for all departments: production, design, advertising, interior and sales. The penthouse on the third floor protrudes impressively from the lower floors and seems to float over the whole structure. The dynamic shape of the new building enhances the impact of the existing lake. The suspended curved and straight lines of the building’s different parts attain an overall harmonic picture. Widely curved elements in white provide lightness to the structure. ALUCOBOND® - tray panels snuggle to the building’s contours. The unique formability of the material enables the swinging and sharp contours of the architectural design. An ideal infrastructure and short distances between the different departments have been created in the new representative office and production building. Modern design in spotless white is key in the whole complex. The façade of white ALUCOBOND® and glass claps around the three interior parts: production, offices and the high atrium flooded with sunlight. The showroom with its impressive high-tech equipment complies with the highest requirements. The staff was embracing the new canteen with its attractive design. An important part of the concept is to have a dialogue with nature – broad doors allow to step outwards and on the upper floors leafy patios are inviting. The facilities are high-tech, air-conditioned, elaborate into detail – LED-lights, acoustical ceilings serving as cooling elements, automatic control of the sun-blinds. With regard to energy the building proves highest efficiency with regenerative heat recovery of waste heat.

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