2013 “Redesigning Detroit: A New Vision for an Iconic Site” Winners Announced via Archdaily

1st Place “MINICITY Detroit” by Davide Marchetti and Erin Pellegrino

MINICITY Detroit incorporates an urban path to an elevated platform and includes sculptural high-rise elements and low-rise components for a combined use of commercial, residential and retail space in upper and lower plazas. Other uses include a market space and cinemas. The design incorporates red brick found in much of the city’s historic architecture while complementing nearby buildings.

2nd Place “Detroit Entrepreneurial Center (DEC)” by Efrain Velez, Juan Nunez, Marko Kanceljak

Detroit Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) is an eco-friendly mixed use development designed to promote a dynamic exchange among people and inspire innovation. It features a business incubator, marketplace, hotel and several housing options along with climate controlled common areas. The building honors Detroit’s industrial past and resembles the silhouette of past factories and “the material qualities of a rusted steel façade.”

3rd Place “Highwave Detroit” by Team Rossetti/Metrogramma

Highwave Detroit proposes a building honoring the site’s significance for Detroit’s identity with a strong visual impact. Its triangular shape suggests a sail on a boat. Other materials include steel, concrete and glass, and a greener side featuring terraces with water views and reflecting pools at ground level. Functions include entertainment and event space, residential, retail and office space.
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